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Our Core Values

White Clouds School has a set of fundamental values in place that support the school's vision. We believe that rather than rules, norms and expectations will guide students ’ behavior. we have defined four key values using the acronym 'CARE'.


We want everyone to learn and succeed, and to do so, we work together, compromise, and share.


We demonstrate achievement by creating goals and working toward them on a regular basis.


Respect is demonstrated by courteous communication and interaction with others.


We want to train students to be community leaders, to understand the needs of others.

Nurturing New Generation
Admissions open for 2022 - 2023

About White Clouds School

White Clouds is a new generation CBSE school with a clear outlook on the fundamentals of education and knowledge. We foster learning, independence, curiosity, compassion, and perseverance, in students through our creative curriculum and teaching approaches, allowing them to become effective critical thinkers, problem solvers, collaborators, and lifelong learners. White Clouds also offers customized learning opportunities for students to broaden their horizons and deepen their aspirations, resulting in a transformative educational experience.

Our Vision

White Clouds Schools strives to create and sustain an atmosphere of learning that will enable our students to experience a transformative educational journey through freedom of thought and expression.

Our Mission

To accomplish our vision through unparalleled commitment and by practicing the highest level of dedication and ethics.
Our Approach in

Raising Leaders

At the heart of our approach is the Complete Learning Integration Program (CLIP) a research-based learning methodology that Emphasis on 360-degree learning.

Learning Environment

We give students a real-world learning environment that will make them ready for success in life beyond school.

Value Addition

We give access to a wide range of creative and cultural activities, which enhances cognitive, social, and creative performance.


Our campus is equipped in such a way that it accommodates all the amenities needed for effective learning.

Sports & Games

We offer various activities to teach the students teamwork, dedication, determination, confidence, and discipline.
Our Academics

Best CBSE School in Tiruppur & Palladam

From Early Childhood to 10th Grade, White Clouds School offers an effective instructional, experiential, and intellectually demanding approach to learning.
This stage provides the foundation for learning. The child is in the stage of “Absorbent” mind which enables it to learn quickly from all the things and activities around him/her.
Forms the foundation for the first part of Secondary Education, learning a wide range of subjects, provides students with fundamental concepts, and prepares students to be more independent with an added level of responsibility.
The second part of secondary education, which strengthens the concepts and enhances the deep understanding of core subjects, empowers the analytical and critical thinking processes of the student. Substantial development in physical wellness, mental growth, and personal hygiene.
Beyond Academics

Our Sports & Extra-Curricular Activities

Sports and co-curricular activities help students develop sportsmanship, enhance physical endurance, encourage healthy competition, and improve their sporting abilities.


Outdoor sports activities improve physical strength and resilience, support embodied learning, and promote mental health.


Indoor games improve hand-eye coordination, encourage creativity, enhance social skills, and provide new experiences.


These activities nurture the students’ interests and talents and offer the chance to do something they really enjoy.

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Our Core Team

We have an excellent teacher to child ratio at our Kindergarten to ensure that each child receives the attention he or she needs.
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